GREENPOINT NATURA is a company founded in 2009 to commercialize last generation organic products.

The environment is the point around which GREENPOINT NATURA acts, and therefore all the selected products must be approved for use and respect the environment where they are used.

The future ofGreenpoint NATURA is built maintaining the quality of our products, as well as working on incorporating other innovative products.


After years of research and development, Greenpoint Natura is launching a totally natural and environmentally friendly product providing the best sports surface available on the market.

Natural cork is carefully selected and processed and the granulated cork can be applied quickly, easily and cleanly to football turf and other artificial turf surfaces.


Pitches using cork grain are visually more attractive than those using alternative products.

Granulated cork, being 100% natural, retains moisture and maintains a more constant temperature than synthetic products, meaning that pitches remain cooler in warm weather.

Granulated cork has a pleasant aroma when moistened either by rain or irrigation.



Greenpoint takes its lead from advanced international studies which encourage the removal of non-sustainable infills currently being used on football turf.

The European Union is developing specific programmes designed to reduce the environmental impact of sports installations: The European Union Sustainable Development Strategy.


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